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There are Freeroll Poker Tournaments and then there are America's Card Room Freeroll Poker Tournaments.Many online poker rooms have Freerolls where you have to deposit before you join a Freeroll , not at America's Card Room . All you have to do is register and you can play poker free.Download the software , install it and sign up. Look under the tournaments tab. The tabs are sometimes hard to find but it's at the top of the screen and looks like a white or off white bar. Click tournaments and find Freerolls available. They're are several available at any given time. One of the Freeroll tournaments they have is the Punta Cana tournament. Win your way to this tournament with a Freeroll Tourney.The Freeroll for this is the Freeroll Super Series.Eight Freeroll Tournaments are run everyday.This Freeroll Tournament is a series of Tourneys leading up to September Grand Finale Tournament with the winner getting trip to the Punta Classic - all expenses and buy-in paid for. Wanna play in a Freeroll , Join America's Card room. Check out the latest promotions.

Join a Freeroll and Get In On a Million Dollar Poker Tournament

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Freeroll Yourself Into a Million Dollar Tournament at America's Cardroom

Monday, August 24, 2015

Free Online Course from MIT - Poker Theory and Analytics

MIT is offering a free online course called Poker Theory and Analytics. It's not entirely free since ther are books and materials associated with the course but it's basically a free open source class covering all aspects of poker. I find anything that gives you insight will help your poker game and this is another. Alot of the material is very mathematically presented with graphs and algebra equations created from simple poker hands but if you're looking for a free course this is it. Topics covered include; Basic Strategy, Analysis Techniques and Applications, Preflop Analysis, Tournament Play, Poker Economics, Game Theory and Decision Making. It's kind of amazing that all this goes on in a poker game but it does. And the goal of the course is to not only improve poker result outcomes but to also apply these theories to the business world in risk management, trading scenarios. To sign up for this course click here and connect to MIT.

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