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There are Freeroll Poker Tournaments and then there are America's Card Room Freeroll Poker Tournaments.Many online poker rooms have Freerolls where you have to deposit before you join a Freeroll , not at America's Card Room . All you have to do is register and you can play poker free.Download the software , install it and sign up. Look under the tournaments tab. The tabs are sometimes hard to find but it's at the top of the screen and looks like a white or off white bar. Click tournaments and find Freerolls available. They're are several available at any given time. One of the Freeroll tournaments they have is the Punta Cana tournament. Win your way to this tournament with a Freeroll Tourney.The Freeroll for this is the Freeroll Super Series.Eight Freeroll Tournaments are run everyday.This Freeroll Tournament is a series of Tourneys leading up to September Grand Finale Tournament with the winner getting trip to the Punta Classic - all expenses and buy-in paid for. Wanna play in a Freeroll , Join America's Card room. Check out the latest promotions.

Join a Freeroll and Get In On a Million Dollar Poker Tournament

million dollar poker tourneys
Freeroll Yourself Into a Million Dollar Tournament at America's Cardroom

Saturday, November 5, 2016

Last hand of WSOP 2016 Main Event

Qui Nguyen is a Vietnamese who settled in California working in a nail salon before leaving for Las Vegas in 2007. He started by playing limit holdem cash games but went to no limit and had only a few cashes in small events. His only WSOP cash was in 2009 for less than $10,000. When the final hand came around, Nguyen won with a pair of kings against Vayo's 10-jack combination. This shows the possiblities in poker that you don't have to be Phil Ivey or a well known figure to win the WSOP.
Nguyen won his seat through a satellite tournament. Satellite tournaments are a great way to enter larger bigger payoff tournaments.

Sunday, October 30, 2016

Find Poker Tournaments from

How to find poker tournaments at Americas Cardroom.

Satellite Poker Tournaments at Americas Cardroom from www.1-texasholdemp...

Satellite Poker Tournaments

Satellite poker tourneys are a great way to get into a large buy-in tournament for sometimes a fraction of the cost of a regular buy-in. This video shows some real satellites tourneys with buy-ins and their major tournament buy-ins along with results. Great opportunities are in the satellite tourneys.

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Pocketfives Freeroll Tournament for Wednesday October 7 2015

Website Pocketfives, a major poker resource, is announcing a freeroll for all Pocketfives' members. There are $1500 in cash and prizes for the winners. This is sponsored by Blind Squirrel Apparel and is a great place to hang your hat for the day and test your luck and skill against some of the top poker players in the world. The tournament kicks of a month of freeroll events from Pocketfives.

All you need is an account at Pocketfives and if you don't have one get them here: Pocketfives, and sign up for the tourney at using code POCKETFIVESOPEN .

The prize list is as follows:
1st: $300 + Blind Squirrel Apparel Old Glory Shirt + Draftpot Touchdown Ticket
2nd: $200 + Blind Squirrel Apparel Old Glory Shirt + Draftpot Touchdown Ticket
3rd: $100 + Blind Squirrel Apparel Old Glory Shirt + Draftpot Touchdown Ticket
4th: $50 + Blind Squirrel Apparel Old Glory Shirt + Draftpot Touchdown Ticket
5th-6th: $40 + Blind Squirrel Apparel Old Glory Shirt + Draftpot Touchdown Ticket
7th-8th: $30 + Blind Squirrel Apparel Old Glory Shirt + Draftpot Touchdown Ticket
9th-11th: $25 + Blind Squirrel Apparel Old Glory Shirt + Draftpot Touchdown Ticket
12th-14th: $20 + Blind Squirrel Apparel Old Glory Shirt + Draftpot Touchdown Ticket
15th-17th: $15 + Blind Squirrel Apparel Old Glory Shirt + Draftpot Touchdown Ticket
18th-20th: $10 + Blind Squirrel Apparel Old Glory Shirt + Draftpot Touchdown Ticket

Monday, August 24, 2015

Free Online Course from MIT - Poker Theory and Analytics

MIT is offering a free online course called Poker Theory and Analytics. It's not entirely free since ther are books and materials associated with the course but it's basically a free open source class covering all aspects of poker. I find anything that gives you insight will help your poker game and this is another. Alot of the material is very mathematically presented with graphs and algebra equations created from simple poker hands but if you're looking for a free course this is it. Topics covered include; Basic Strategy, Analysis Techniques and Applications, Preflop Analysis, Tournament Play, Poker Economics, Game Theory and Decision Making. It's kind of amazing that all this goes on in a poker game but it does. And the goal of the course is to not only improve poker result outcomes but to also apply these theories to the business world in risk management, trading scenarios. To sign up for this course click here and connect to MIT.

Monday, August 17, 2015

Massive Freeroll Poker Tournament at America's Cardroom - Freebuy Super Series

Several times a year America's Cardroom has been hosting a Freebuy Super Series. A series of Freerolls that are totally free to join. The jackpots are from $500 to $20,000. The end of August and beginning of September is the next Freebuy Super Series. It's free to join and depending on the tourney rebuys/addons are from .50 cents to $20. Initially though it's freeroll.
Freebuy Super Series
The format in detail is join the game for free. If you bust out before the late entry period you can rebuy your way in. At the end of the late entry period and a couple of rounds later, you get an opportunity to add on chips for fee. You won't need them if you've done well. If you're really lucky and skilled, you can win this tournaments for free! Regardless of the jackpot. Good poker playing is good poker playing period. Luck is good skill is better. Join America's Cardroom for your chance at some great cash for free. Freeroll Poker Tournaments
Join the Nets only Truly Freeroll Poker Tournaments at America's Card Room

How To Win A Freeroll at Pokerstars Parts 1, 2, 3 and 4, a Real Poker Tournament

This is another video series featuring a real freeroll tournament at Pokerstars. The videos are long at least 20 minutes but it will pay to study them and learn from them. Take notes and reinforce everything here. Many players started on their way to poker professionals from playing freerolls. These videos will cover strategies and everything else. Most important, this is a real freeroll so you'll see all the ups and downs and where what you learn might not matter at all. I put them all here because finding each video is often time consuming. So all the videos in the freeroll poker tourney are here and easy to find.
Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

The winner of this freeroll walks away with $250! It's a great start and it's free money. See for more videos.

Freerolls! Freerolls! from Ervan Jarvis of

This is episode 23 of and features a real freeroll with analysis from Ervan Jarvis. He also shows how to build a bankroll from freerolls. Ervan Jarvis is founder of and he has over 10 years of poker experience and has won over $500,000 in poker winnings online. His site is What you'll get out of this site and videos is something new to add a twist to your poker playing. You'll also some great tips on MTT Tournaments and just about everything you'll need to know. How you use this information is up to you but it's been helpful for me.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Tight and Aggressive Poker in a Freeroll Tournament

In a freeroll tournament ,you will see several types of play. One type of play you will see is tight and aggressive style of poker.In tight and aggressive the player folds more often than not and plays good hands to the max or is very aggressive.This method tends to work well with winnings greater in the long haul.

What kinds of hands to play?

The basic strategy is to play all high pairs and fold the rest. What I have found is mixing it up works best but having that as core strategy.Not only play high pairs but potential flushes and straights. So if I'm dealt an Ace and Deuce of Hearts , I will play every round or if I get and Ace and Nine of Diamonds , I will every round as well. In addition I play most pairs because the odds are so great.

Most of the other hands I fold. So and Nine of Hearts with a Three of Spades I fold.I might miss a low pair but that is what tight and aggressive poker strategy is about.

In a freeroll , you will find this method of play as well as folks playing every hand. Many are new , and many players are using freerolls for the heck of it relying on luck. Many of them lose but sometimes rarely they win with luck.This is would be a bad beat for a tight and aggressive player.

In conclusion , playing tight and aggressive strategy in a freeroll , you should expect to make it to the final tables and increase your bankroll or get a buy-in to a larger tournament.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Keeping Records During Your Freerolls Help Improve Tournament Play

Keeping records of your game play will make you a better tournament player.Records help you analyze your habits and point out areas that need improvement.You can take a no nonsense look at your game play.Things to look at include.

Bankroll - How much money you've won or lost.

How long you have played

The game played usually No Limit Holdem but may include HORSE or Pot Limit Holdem.

If your game strategy was tight or loose.And if you followed the strategy completely through the tournament.

Are you able to accurately size up fellow players online based on poker tells.

How patient you are and if you've alotted yourself enough time to play. Patience is an equally important thing. You can't play and get into the game and have food cooking on the stove or have to get cigarettes.

In conclusion , by keep track of records , you can keep better organization of your game play and areas that need improvement. Do this over and over , it will become second nature and you'll be on your way to winning serious money.

For more freeroll strategy look here

Friday, June 29, 2012

Freerolls Tournaments at Carbon Poker with Daily Freerolls Schedule

Freerolls at Carbon Poker require an initial deposit but that's low as $20. The knowledge you gain is great especially if you are looking to be big money tournament player.Most of the poker games are no limit holdem but also find HORSE as well as Pot Limit Omaha . Check no buy-in but you could win a buy-in to a larger tourney.The pools are mostly $200 but that's cool if you're looking for more action check out the $125,000 Freeroll.
$200 Freeroll - HORSE - 12:00 Fixed Limit HORSE $0 12:00
$200 Freeroll - PL Omaha - 18:00 PLO $0 18:00
Daily First Deposit Freeroll - Friday NLH $0 19:15
$200 Freeroll - NL Holdem - 20:00 NLH $0 20:00
$200 Freeroll - NL Holdem - 00:00 NLH $0 00:00
$200 Freeroll - NL Holdem - 06:00 NLH $0 06:00
Daily First Deposit Freeroll - Saturday NLH $0 13:15
125 Seats to $125k Freeroll NLH $0 15:00
$10,000 VIP Freeroll NLH $0 15:15
Canada Day Freeroll NLH $0 14:00

Join a Freeroll Tourney at Carbon Poker

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Online Freeroll Poker Tournaments Variations of Tournaments at Different Casinos

A freeroll tournament is often a poker tournament with no buy-in or fee to join. Most online poker casinos have some sort of a freeroll. This page will explain some of the differences of online casino freeroll variations.

Freerolls at America's Card Room

America's Card Room has totally free freeroll tournaments. There are several freerolls there. The totally free freerolls you have to register and find the freeroll tab and check the type of game for the freeroll.They have several daily.America's Card Room also has a new depositor freeroll . Most casinos have new deposit freerolls and this is no exception.Deposit a small amount maybe $20 and then you can join this freeroll. The new deposit freeroll schedule is Saturday's at 12 pm. And the starting chips is 1400.

Freeroll Super Series

America's Card Room also has an ongoing Freeroll Super Series with the winner getting a trip to the Punta Cana Classic.There are daily freerolls for this event also.

One great thing about America's Card Room is the 24 hour live support. You can get all questions answered right away.That's comforting when dealing on the net. The live chat works great.

Intertops Poker

Intertops is an all around casino with poker as well as regular casino and sports book.They have great bonuses. The Freerolls at Intertops require a $20 deposit as well as 10 frequent player points to enter.Intertops has been online since 1996 and they're customer service works well too.They have live chat help, telephone numbers as well as email . And I stress if my money was someplace, I'd want to know everything about it. Intertops customer service is good for that.

Carbon Poker

Carbon Poker is part of the Merge Network and one of the largest online poker rooms as a result. There are freerolls everyday , they do require at least a new deposit to join.Deposit into your account and join a Carbon Poker freeroll without playing any money. Carbon Poker has 5 $200 freerolls daily - they boast of having $40,000 worth of freerolls a month.Their reputation is great. They also have a VIP freeroll for frequent players.

Daily $500 Freeroll for New Depositors

For new depositors, there'a new depositor freeroll daily.

Cake Poker

Cake Poker also has freerolls and you have to deposit first. However , there are some negative reviews with Cake Poker regarding cash outs. Now , every situation is different. And we don't know all the facts regarding any player posting online. But they haven't responded to my emails even though they pledge to do so within 20 minutes.But then I checked the email spam list and unblocked them and emails now flow smoothly.There is no phone number or live chat.But there are lots of happy poker players and they manage to rank well in other forums.But cash outs is one glitch here but it's important to read the facts. Often casinos are giving freebies to attract more players .If they gave everything away they'd have no business at all.

Freeroll tournaments are a great way to get into poker. Many of today's top players started in online poker freerolls. The thing is try them out and experience them for yourself and create your own story.